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Khat Gallery is the end result of a series of creative actions to develop home accessories, art pieces, and unique gifts displayed in its local branches, online store, and various furniture outlets inside and outside of Kuwait.

We chose Khat, which means “line” in Arabic, because it is an essential design element where the starting point represents an item’s idea formulation, and the endpoint implies the result itself, in addition to being the kilter which letters lie upon during writing to know their way.

Khat also means calligraphy, the quintessential art of the Arabic language and Islamic heritage, occupying importance, unlike any other civilization, as design ornaments in architecture and written scripture.

At Khat Gallery, we treat the creation process as a voyage that starts in the first stroke and ends in the product’s final form, going through multiple stages of mindful imagination. This “mindful imagination” makes our brand unique and fresh, coming up with trendy gifts, accessories, and art pieces.

Our stores are visited, and our pieces are sought after because it’s unlike anything available in the marketplace. The gifts, accessories, and art pieces are professionally handcrafted by a team of specialists, whereas another team of creatives develops ideas and designs to make you an avid collector of our items as they are authentic, trendy, and made especially for you.

To be the exclusive and unique place for your gifts, home products, and art pieces.

Humanity’s deep-rooted culture inspires our craft, and we work to produce it with a modern twist, taking into consideration these values:

  1. Beauty, through masterful design that makes all Khat Gallery’s products unique;
  2. Quality, and superiority throughout all stages of creation till items reaches the palm of your hand;
  3. Precision, and attention to detail distinct to Khat Gallery’s goods.
  4. Experience, a complete and impressionable experience, we aspire for you when you own one of our handmade items, from the ascribed words we provide for you to our suggested item usage.

Every art piece in Khat Gallery that sees the light belongs to our unending line of handcrafted products.

There is a Creative & Design Team, a Production & Development Team, a Photography and Marketing team, and a Sales and Aftersale Team. All are working dynamically under one management that abides by Khat’s vision, mission, and values.

We try at Khat Gallery to be an axis not only for artists and creatives but also for architects and calligraphers to embody their thoughts and become a platform for modern art, incorporating our vision and novel touch.

At Khat Gallery, many unique elements are incorporated when producing our items; however, some are used frequently for different reasons: