Rehla Exhibition is a collaboration between Khat Gallery and 360 Kuwait to celebrate art, culture and the history of Kuwait.

Through this interactive exhibition we will take you on a journey made of five beautifully designed sections telling the most engaging tales about culture, art and craft.

Here we share with you our research about the starting point and its transformation, in the art and craft of Kuwait, the wonderful elements of our culture and identity, in our surroundings and how it all developed from within.

Culture – Mubkhar

Culture is the collective customs and social behaviors of a particular society. Love of scent and bukhour is an essential characteristic of Kuwaiti culture it is also the root of our interest in creating the Mubkhar. You will find in this section a special outlook on wood and its many uses through this artistic experience.

Art – Yamal

Art is a form of expression using multiple means. The Yamal is a call sung by the Naham while he is on the ship easing the hardships of the trip on the other divers. Through this passageway we take you with us to the time of ancestors to learn more about their sea journeys, the building of ships and the making of Khat Gallery’s Yamal perfumes.

History – Stamps

History was always connected to writing and documentation to show right, property and authenticity. Khat Gallery has designed ink and wax stamps for you to print on your letters. Try our wax stamps and write a message to a close friend.

Craft – Print

Craftsmanship is one of the most beautiful elements distinguishing any culture. Within this time context, print is a beautiful craft that can be gifted to a special person.

Life – Tea

In most cases, the nature of our life is set by our surroundings and what enters within it. Today, tea has become an important part of our daily lives after it journeyed to us. Enjoy the different types of tea we have and learn more about Sharifa’s tea and how it is prepared.